A Little Problem

I am a short person.

I’ve always been a short person. 5′ 1″ (Or so says my driver’s license. I think that extra inch is wishful thinking.) So I can understand and sympathize with “small” things. Can’t reach the sugar in the cabinet? I feel you. Have to move the car seat way up so you can reach the pedals? I’ve been there. Can’t get to that box of taquitos way in the back of the freezer at the grocery store because your arms are too short, so you end up standing on the edge of the freezer…

Okay, getting a little too specific there. But you get my point. I understand the short people. And normally it’s the small people and things that get the short end of the stick. (No pun in intended.) I mean, when was the last time anyone complained about the person sitting in front of them at the theater being too short? (I, however, have had to crane my neck to one side in order to view a play from behind a tall person in front of me.) Or how about being relegated to the middle seat because you’re the smallest one there? Being small is usually a positive thing for everyone else.


I have no sympathy for little cars.

Speficially, the little cars that park in parking garages. The ones that fit in so well that it leaves enough space at the back of the spot that amongst all the other cars, it appears to be an empty spot. And I get excited. And I get ready to turn into the spot … and bam. There’s that little car, smugly taking up little more than 50% of the space. And you know, it’s fine if it happens every now and again. It’s almost humorous. “Oh, that little car! I thought that spot was empty!”

But after a while, the humor wears off, and it becomes a taunt. Every day, you return to the garage, and you think you’ve found a good place to park, only to be teased once again by the little car. Someone should affix a video camera to the little thing, and record how many times people have almost tried to park there. (I can’t be the only one the little jerk is fooling.)

Now I love The Love Bug. So I’m not just a hater of smaller vehicles. I just think that these really small cars are messing around with us. And you know what? I think they like it.